What is Milli Dilli?

Milli Dilli is a four-level program of Azerbaijani language created as a part of the Netherlands based Milli Ders project.It is centered around the characters of two sisters, Milli and Dilli, living with their parents in the  Netherlands and trying to learn their native language. Each level has 16 lessons featuring:

  • short cartoon animated lessons with dialogues
  • vocabulary, grammar and sentence analysis video
  • fun games and exercises to repeat the material
  • tests to assess knowledge for each lesson

All learning is tracked by the learning management system, giving educators the ability to monitor student progress.So,you and your  child will get the most out of your Azerbaijani learning experience!Join us and enjoy your Azerbaijani learning journey with Milli and Dilli!

How all it works?

Study 1+1

  • Online individual lessons with multilingual native tutors
  • Interactive learning in virtual classroom
  • Student`s content management
  • Built-in HD video calls
  • Everything you need to learn, in one place
  • Every student has access to the course materials, home assignments, and vocabulary in their personal account.
  • No Zoom or Skype.
  • Special interactive platform for language learning
  • Lots of exercises,puzzles and tests to make your learning inspiring and exciting
  • You don’t have to check answers,the platform can do this for you
  • Tutors speaking English,French,Italian,German and Russian


  • Interactive platform and learning management system
  • Use and manage a course in one place
  • Select an optimal selfstudy speed
  • Built-in dictionary and translator; vocabulary drill mode
  • Interactive, exciting exercises
  • Automatic exercise checking
  • Lessons are available on all devices
  • The platform will automatically adapt to your smartphone or tablet to ensure a seamless experience

Any level for any goal!

0ur 1+1 classes

Our team

Our success stories

I` m   Finnish girl married to Azerbaijani guy and was really eager  to learn my husband`s native language.Thanks to Milli Dilli I can  now understand and speak Azerbaijani.It`s  awesome language and I really enjoyed my lessons.

Helmi Ylisirniö

We are Azerbaijani family living in Italy.It was important for us that our bilingual 9 year old daughter could speak Azerbaijani. We joined Milli Dilli with its absolutely amazing lessons and now she finally can speak our native language.

Zemfira Mammadova

I am an Ukrainian who fled the war and found refuge in Azerbaijan. This beautiful country and people greeted me very warmly and did everything so that I did not feel like a guest. I felt in love with Azerbaijan and decided to learn the language and culture more deeply. Thanks to Milli Dilli I succeded it easily.

Alexandra Ambrosenko

We are bilingual British-Azerbaijani family living in UAE.Our two daughters didnt speak Azerbaijani at all.But thanks to Milli Dilli our girls now can easily communicate with their Azerbaijani relatives and friends.They learned lots about their native culture as well. I would highly recommend Milli Dilli.

Ron Granger

My son was born in Qatar and we had no opportunity to study Azerbaijani language and learn our native culture living abroad.It`s really nice to have  finally such a chance  with Milli Dilli.I`m happy now that my son speaks and understands Azerbaijani as well as knows lots about our rich culture.

Bahariya Yagubova

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